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Hostel student falls sick after eating couple of pieces of chicken that came accidentally in his plate

11, Jul 2017 By dasu

Bhubaneswar: After having dinner, Prabhat Kumar, a 3rd year engineer student complained about stomach pain. His friends in the hostel took him to a nearby clinic. After initial investigation doctor found this to be a classic case of food poisoning.


Prabhat was one of the lucky student who got two pieces of chicken during dinner time in hostel mess. It seems he could not digest those two pieces of chicken which he was not habituated to.

We spoke to Prabhat’s roommate Vinay. He said, “The doctor asked few questions to us as well as Prabhat to know the reason behind this. After Prabhat confirmed this is the second time in last three years he got few pieces of chicken, doctor explained us the reason behind this”.

Doctor told us, “Our body is accustomed to certain type of food that we eat every day. As Prabhat rarely got a chance to taste Chicken at the mess, when the opportunity came on his away, his digestive system gave up”.

Vinay added, “Though it last three years I am not lucky to have chicken in my plate, once I suffered diarrhea because of hostel food. The doctor explained to me that I might have got more grains of tur dal in the yellow liquid supplied to us. Another case of food quality deviating from the standard prescribed for hostel food”.

Doctor informed Vinay who works as part of food committee to inform mess supervisor and others, to warn students who get chicken pieces or more quantity of dal grains accidentally in their plate. As most likely they will not share them with others, they should know the consequences.

In the meantime, we saw one student having heated argument with mess supervisor. “I lifted five pieces of Papad looking at their softness thinking them as Roti and one pieces of Roti, looking how hard it was thinking it as a Papad. Mess supervisor shouted at me saying you cannot take so many Papad as the quantity is limited”, said the student to us.