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Hosteler beaten up for not having an opinion on Salman Khan verdict

07, May 2015 By Vaibhav Anand

New Delhi. A hosteler at Delhi Technical University (DTU, formerly Delhi College of Engineering) was beaten up after he confessed to not having any opinion on Salman Khan’s five year jail term.

The incident took place last night after a bunch of hostelers got into a tense argument after watching Arnab Goswami rake up the issue in his Newshour segment and ended up beating the only person in the room who did not proffer any opinion.

Salman Khan reacting to the development
Salman Khan reacting to the development

“Tadapit Prasad is from Kerala; so he perhaps did not even know Bollywood,” one of the beaten-up hostelers friends said, on condition of anonymity. “We usually watch Arnab Goswami’s show to laugh at Arnab Goswami but yesterday tempers were running high between a faction of us that supported the jail term and a faction that was wearing Being Human T-shirts and hence, supported Salman Khan. Both these factions began to shout slogans and jeer and eventually after someone in the ‘Jail Term’ faction referred to the mother of someone in the ‘Being Human’ faction rather colorfully and people almost came to blows. It was at this moment that Tadapit raised his voice and said that Salman Khan was not worth fighting over and that he did not care whether Salman Khan eventually got released from jail or died there.”

“It was at this point that both factions beat him up instead of each other,” Tadapit’s friend concluded.