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Housewife trashes heavily armed robbers with a newspaper, shares of print media companies skyrocket on BSE

07, Aug 2018 By @jurnoleast

Shares of print media companies surged on the stock market after it was reported that a housewife armed with just a rolled up newspapers managed to fight knife wielding robbers.

According to sources, the incident took place in the posh locality of South Delhi where two men masquerading as courier boys tried to rob a house and knife point. But the housewife refused to go down without a fight. She quickly rolled up a newspaper lying on the table and managed to give a sound trashing to the robbers.

Surprised at the sudden retaliation, the two men tried to escape but they were apprehended by the local people and handed to the cops. As the news became viral on social media, many praised the woman and commented on the newfound utility of newspapers.

The effect of the news was also seen on stock market which touched the 40000 mark fueled by print media companies. Popular perception that print media will be obsolete in a few years received a tight slap with todays stock market numbers.

Market Analyst say that this upswing would continue for a week at least and the addition of print media to investor portfolio shouldn’t come as a surprise.