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How fans of celebrities react when that celebrity sneezes

06, Oct 2013 By idiot420

A true fan recognizes his or her favorite celebrity just by looking at the nose.

Shah Rukh Khan fan: His sneeze is so beautiful and romantic that not only the handkerchief, it makes even the men and women around go wet.

Salman Khan fan: Phod diya bhai ne! Even if he chooses to only sneeze for an entire duration in the movie, it will still be a blockbuster.

Sachin Tendulkar fan: This is the 50138th time he has sneezed. Only three people are ahead of him right now. He will overtake them by next year.

Rahul Dravid fan: Class and elegance the way he pushed the air out. But just because Sachin sneezed louder, no one will discuss it.

Arnab Goswami fan: Now Rajdeep and Barkha will also sneeze. Copycats!

Barkha Dutt fan: Take care Barkha, Modi trolls can stoop to any level.

Rahul Gandhi fan: Had he not sneezed, people in India would have never known the importance of nose in our body. Thank you Rahul ji for showing us the way. Also, Blow to Modi Mucus.

Arvind Kejriwal fan: With this sneeze, he has exposed how alarmingly high air pollution levels are in Delhi.

Narendra Modi fan: Modi bless you.