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Hurt Muslim groups cool if villains in Vishwaroopam are depicted as Jews

24, Jan 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Chennai. The representatives of various self-styled Muslim groups have said that they were perfectly fine if all the villains in the Kamal Haasan’s latest movie Vishwaroopam were depicted as Jews, especially religious Jews.

Earlier, they had taken strong objections as the movie showed terrorists who were Muslims.

Protesters claim that depicting a bad Jew in the movie would be just too good

“Oh yes, the Jews! Always cunning and scheming to take over the world through Zionist conspiracies,” Zaid Hamid, representative of one of the groups that forced the Tamil Nadu government to put a ban on the release of the film, told Faking News, “They are the people who have caused maximum problems in the world. No problem if they are shown as terrorists.”

When asked if this won’t amount to hurting the religious sentiments of Jews and depicting all Jews in a bad light, Zaid said, “What kind of crappy argument is that? Jews are known to be bad people!”

Earlier, there was a suggestion from Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde to run a disclaimer reading “Hindus are terrorists too” every time a Muslim looking terrorist appears on the screen during Vishwaroopam shows, but the protesting groups discarded the idea.

“We don’t want to make it a Hindu-Muslim issue,” one of the protesters claimed, “Apart from that, people may not take such disclaimers seriously just as they don’t take the ‘smoking is dangerous to health’ disclaimers during the movie.”

“But no problem if the bad people are shown as Jews,” he added.