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I just approached my colleagues as a Cricket enthusiast: Hiken Shah

13, Jul 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Mumbai cricketer Hiken Shah who was suspended today following allegations of ‘corrupt aproach’ has spoken out in his defence. The cricketer said that he approached his colleagues as a ‘cricket entusiast’ and not with any intention of fixing matches.

Hiken Shah is paying the price for being a 'cricket enthusiast'
Hiken Shah is paying the price for being a ‘cricket enthusiast’

Speaking at a press conference he said, “I agree that I have approached other cricketers but there was no intention of doing anything wrong. Why am I being singled out? I thought being a ‘cricket enthusiast’ was good enough reason to approach anyone.”

BCCI however is not buying that reply. In a statement to the media, BCCI has said that N Srinivasan is not the BCCI President anymore and now we actually have an Anti-Corruption Code in place.

However, sources within the BCCI on conditions of anonymity say that Mr. Hiken Shah tried undercutting some officials which is why action was taken against him. There are unwritten rules of fixing that Mr. Shah is probably not aware of.

Meanwhile, ex-cricketer and reality dance show participant Shreesanth had a few words of advice for Hiken Shah. He said, “I too have been accused of spot fixing but on the positive side it gave me a lot of publicity. I got a lot of movie offers, marriage offers and even participated in a dance reality show. In fact the best years of my life happened after the spot fixing allegation was leveled against me. So make the most of the publicity you are getting. Look at Azhar bhai, they are making a movie on him now.”