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ICC to add 2 new result categories "Almost Won" and "Almost Drawn" after Ind-Aus series

31, Dec 2014 By jyotil

Melbourne . Winning is not everything in sport. How “close” does a team come to winning or drawing a test match is equally important.

Well, ICC the body governing international cricket took a note of this sentiment that is bulging in the cricketing world, and have decided to add 2 new results category in test matches based on the recent Indian performances in the test series against Australia.

“Cool, isn’t it?”

“You have to give credit to the visiting Indian team. The way they fought for 4.5 days out of 5 cannot be ignored. Its only due to a stroke of bad luck and the Indian tail which so resolutely refuses to wag that India is 2 nil down,” ICC official commented in Melbourne today.

“And so, to ensure that such performances don’t go unrewarded we have decided to introduce ‘Almost Won’ and ‘Almost Drawn’ to the result categories when India travels overseas. So India almost won the first test, almost drew the 2nd one, drawn the 3rd one and based on this we will re-classify the results and so India is currently leading Australia by 2.5 – 0.5 based on the 3 tests.”

“Now if India wins, almost wins, draws or almost draws the last test then India can lift the Border – Gavaskar trophy. The only condition is that they cannot celebrate by lifting the trophy completely above head since 2 out of 3 results would be in ‘Almost’ category. They have to keep the trophy below the eye level,” ICC official provided the details on the fine prints of the rule.

Back home the fans are almost rejoicing that we finally managed to “Almost beat” Aussies in their own den.

The news channels and the MSM are already scrambling to change the headlines and the hashtags to “India almost crushes Aussies” and such.