IIT researchers discover 25000 new ways of spelling “Aggarwal”

10, Mar 2015 By Vaibhav Anand

New Delhi. A team of researchers at IIT Delhi has discovered 25000 new ways of spelling the surname “Aggarwal”.

The researchers, led by Dr. Tadapit Kumar, had been working on a project to lower the cost of defense manufacturing when they got distracted by this subject and started working on it.

Spellings of Agarwal
A couple of examples

“It always troubled me ever since I was a young child as to how every Aggarwal that I met had a different spelling,” said Dr. Tadapit, the author of the report and leader of the research team, said.

“Sometimes they would use the letter ‘e’, sometimes ‘u’, sometimes ‘a’ for the ‘gar’ or ‘wal”. I even found a Bengali ‘Aggorwol’. And the output is much better than what we had found for the defence manufacturing thing – which was to basically import the final product from Israel,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister lauded the effort as being in line with his “Make in India” scheme. The Congress was quick to denounce this and labelled “Aggarwal” a communal and non-secular surname that would help push RSS’ and VHP’s respective agendas.

“The only reason this is happening is because our supreme leader, Shri Rahul Gandhi, is on leave,” Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Congress spokesperson said. “Otherwise he would have called this nonsense and torn up something.”

Away from politics, the researchers insist that this will help budding entrepreneurs in coming up with unique names for their new ventures.