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Imran Khan burns stubble along Pak border to obscure visibility in Dubai, hopes to save cricket team from embarrassment in second test 

20, Nov 2018 By @jurnoleast

Pakistan’s humiliating loss to New Zealand in the first test in Dubai has the country’s PM concerned. In a closed door meeting an angry Imran Khan is said to have discussed methods to save the cricket team from further embarrassment.

Sorces say the PM is planning on burning stubble along the western border to ensure that the visibility remains very low and no one watches the match. “They are doing all their best to ensure that there is no match and even if there is, the low visibility will prevent it from being broadcast,” said an official.

Imran Khan has taken time out from this busy schedule to travel to different countries begging from money and is personally supervising stubble burning. Villagers say they saw the Pak PM armed with a sickle and few supporters hacking the stubble and burning all that he could get his hands on. Giant blowers were also seen being carried which hopefully would send the smoke all the way to Dubai.

When questioned if the aforementioned plan fails to work, a spokesperson from the party said that Imran has already sent a request to BCCI asking them to loan Virat Kohli for some time to play for the Pak team.