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Imran Khan's political party to start a separate wing that will offer free matrimonial services

21, Feb 2018 By @jurnoleast

Ex-Cricketer Imran Khan’s political outfit Tehreek-e-Insaaf will be offering free matrimonial services to those who avail it. This announcement was made by the party leader himself, just a few days after his third marriage to spiritual healer Bushra Maneka.

Sources close to the cricketer say Imran Khan will be using his expertise and help those who are struggling to find a partner.

He said that he won’t be charging anything for the services at the moment. The idea for matrimonial service was put forth by supporters after may opined that the ex-cricketer was not doing much in politics so he might as well help party members get married.

Hum sab yaha kuware baithe hai aur Khansaab nikaah pe nikaah jama rahe hain,” said a supporter, now happy with their leader’s latest move.

Political opponents scoffed at the news and said that Imran should look at match making as a permanent career. Other said that he should change the name of his party to Tehreek-e-Nikaah.