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India lauds Egypt for democracy as new regime found as bad as the old one

30, Nov 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. With Egypt’s new ruler Mohamed Morsi facing almost the same kinds of protest as his predecessor Hosni Mubarak had faced, experts from India have declared that the Middle Eastern nation has truly achieved democracy, where rulers change but everything else remains the same.

“Democracy – Indian style,” Sai Kumar, an expert on international affairs declared, “I congratulate Egyptian people for achieving in a few months what Indians achieved after six decades.”

Protests in Egypt
Some Egyptians dreaming of a second revolution

“Names and faces change, but people get the same shit,” he explained what he meant by Indian democracy.

Sai Kumar suggested that the citizens of Egypt shouldn’t unnecessarily worry and take inspirations from the Indian citizens, who have outstandingly adapted themselves to this brand of democracy.

“The only thing they should ensure is that Egypt doesn’t degenerate into a democracy like that in Pakistan,” he warned.

“They should go back and watch movies,” he suggested to those protesting at Tahrir Square, “There won’t be another revolution now.”

“Morsi doesn’t need to worry,” Sai said, “He can safely assume that the current protests at Tahrir Square were only as threatening as those at Jantar Mantar in India.”

“The protests will at best throw an Arvind Kejriwal type of politician, who would be widely covered by the western media,” he claimed, “Morsi should focus on getting a constitution that he can manipulate and powers that he can misuse – and then Egypt will have true democracy, Indian style.”