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India relieved as US says “Law will take its own course” in Devyani Khobragade case

21, Dec 2013 By Mishtik Journo

New Delhi. Millions of Indians, including politicians and citizens of all hues, have heaved a sigh of relief today as the US assured that law will take its own course in the Devyani Khobragade case.

“Of course, law taking its own course is the most favorable course any case can take”, said Ashok Chavan, no longer facing charges under the Adarsh Society scam.

Devyani Khobragade
She is still wondering if the issue is over

“Now she will be able to lead a normal life,” commented a visibly pleased Salman Khurshid, “Soon she will be out either on a perpetual bail or we shall have her shifted to AIMS on medical grounds.”

Many citizens and experts, who have been witness to law taking its own course in various cases, too welcomed the relief provided by the USA in the alleged case of visa fraud.

“Now the project is manageable,” commented a lawyer with a political party, also a ‘legal PERT’ expert, “Through various lower and high courts,  24 years later the Supreme Court will deliver a judgment. By then, as the proverbial story goes, the king may die, or the prisoner may die, or who knows, the donkey may get transformed into a princess.”

However, these reactions have confused US. Faking News sources in the USA (working as maids in various households) confirm that US authorities can’t understand why Indians are so happy.

“All this while, law was taking its own course, but they were outraging,” a state department official wondered, “All we did was to use that phrase in its entirety, and whoa!”

“Looks like it has to do something with immunity they have been demanding all along,” he added.