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India to sue China for faulty remote control after MMS’ brother joins BJP

28, Apr 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

New Delhi: In a major escalation of political tensions between India and China, the Indian government has proposed to sue the Chinese government after the remote control being used to control Manmohan Singh and his relatives for the last ten years, could not curtail his brother from joining the BJP. The Science & Technology Minister, Jaipal Reddy, issued a statement on behalf of the Indian government, stating the position.

Sonia's remote where the 'relative control' button went missing.
Sonia’s remote where the ‘relative control’ button went missing.

“We hereby announce that we shall be suing the Chinese government in the International Court of Justice for providing the Indian National Congress with a faulty remote control,” Mr. Reddy said to a clutch of reporters gathered at the steps of the Parliament.

“The remote was supposed to cover not only the eye, hand, etc. body movements, speech and breathing of Mr. Singh, but of all his close relatives as well. However, yesterday, even though Sonia Gandhiji kept pressing the “Control” button on the remote, Mr. Singh’s brother still managed to join the BJP. All that happened with the incessant pressing of the “Control” button, however, was that Dr. Manmohan Singh went into a sort of rigor mortis, though he continued to breathe. We express our deepest anger at such callous treatment by the Chinese manufacturing sector towards a neighbour and a strategic trade partner.”

Meanwhile in China, Xu Penwhig, a senior politician shrugged and expressed his indifference towards the development. “The product was made in Tibet,” he said. “And if India continues to liaise with and recognize Tibet, this is what they will get.”