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Indian bowlers spank Bangladesh batsman, upset Sheikh Hasina says 'It his how you treat guests, what happened to Indian hospitality' 

22, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

The first day-night test match took place in Kolkata today and while Indian fans were ecstatic, Sheikh Hasina wasn’t too happy with the proceedings. Reacting to the fierce Indian bowing attack, the Bangladesh PM reportedly expressed her displeasure to to Mamata Bannerjee and said, “Aren’t we guests here. Is this how you treat guests. I heard so much about Indian hospitality. What happened to it. I am all for harmonious relations between the two countries, but clearly efforts from your end are lacking.”


The Bangladesh premier is also planning to cut short her trip if BCCI does not take steps to stop humiliating the Bangladesh team. “I will head back with the entire team and all future cricketing relations would be in limbo,” she threatened.

Sources say that Sourav Ganguly held a closed door meeting with top officials to discuss the issue. Mamata Bannerjee too tried to mitigate the situation by saying that it was just the first day and things could still tilt in Bangladesh’s favor.

But that did little to placate Sheikh Hasina who at one point mulled taking the matter to the United Nations.