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Indian couple forgets to add caption ‘Hidden Gem’ on their Euro trip photo

08, Aug 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Euro trips are a new favorite among the Indian newly wed couples. Previously it was the hill stations in India or at max, Malaysia, Mauritius, Bali and nearby countries. Some do it as per their long due plan, and some due to peer pressure by looking at photos of other couples. But one thing that most of the couples never forget doing is putting the ‘Hidden gem’ caption on their Euro trip photos. And that is the reason a couple had to face awkwardness among peers when they forgot to do so.


Whole Europe is actually a hidden gem for Indians, but we tend to make it more obvious by the types of caption we put on our photos while posting on social media sites. But when Sanil and his wife din’t do the obvious thing, it sent a wrong signal to the European countries, the signal of betrayal. The European countries always loved the way Indians promoted their locations and it was a big help in boosting tourism. But what Sanil and his wife did is unacceptable and can put serious question marks over India’s relations with the European countries.

Sanil had been a avid social media enthusiast, who had been posting almost everything right from his wedding pics, to his honeymoon trip to his business trips and lot more. It was recently when he thought that putting captions on all pics is too mainstream. But he was quickly reminded of his mistakes by the 1000s of comments he got on his Euro trip photo. Some comments were also made by tour operators who sensed some threat to their business due to Sanil’s silly mistake. Sanil has finally rectified his mistake and has vowed to never make such mistake in the future.