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Indian man applies for Pak visa to say some bullshit while in Pakistan

15, Jul 2014 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Puran Punjabi, a 33-year-old jobless guy has applied for tourist visa to travel to Pakistan, a country he takes notice of only when a cricket match is going on.

Sources close to Puran say that he plans to go to Pakistan, say something utterly stupid and senseless to local people and terrorists there, and become famous back in India.

Ved Pratap Vaidik
Ved Pratap Vaidik, now a role model for many, especially Bigg Boss and MTV Roadies aspirants.

“Just look at the limelight that Vaidik bloke has got,” Puran later told Faking News explaining his grand plans of becoming a celebrity, “He said and did stupid things in Pakistan weeks ago, but no one took notice. So he came back, shouted about his stupidity, and now everyone is shouting about him!”

Although Puran has no plans to meet Hafiz Sayeed, he is hopeful of meeting terrorists and trolling people back in India into making him a celebrity.

“I don’t think I’d have trouble finding a terrorist in Pakistan,” he said, “I will click a selfie with him and post the picture on Twitter with hashtag #TeaWithTerrorist, and that should do the job.”

When asked what he will do with all the limelight he might get after his stupidity, Puran said, “I will do charity and help other jobless guys get famous.”

Pakistani embassy has confirmed that they have got visa application of Puran, who has mentioned in his application that he was followed by Narendra Modi on Twitter, and Modi interacted with him through DMs on a regular basis.