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Indian Railways to arrange special trains for illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in India to go back to celebrate historic cricket win

22, Jun 2015 By @jurnoleast

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu personally carrying luggage of immigrant Bangladeshis

New Delhi: The historic win of Bangladesh over India has sent a wave of euphoria among the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in India, many of whom now wish to celebrate with their loved ones back home. To facilitate this, the Government of India is planning to run special trains from all major cities in the country.

Speaking to our reporter an official from Railways said, “We got a lot of requests from Bangladeshi immigrants for arranging trains as they wanted to celebrate this victory and we have happily obliged. After all it’s our duty to serve the people.”

Given the huge number of immigrants in India, the Railways are planning to run 2 trains everyday with special tatkal service to facilitate the process. An illegal immigrant who spoke to our reporter said, “We are very happy with the win. After the world cup defeat, two wins back to back was unprecedented. When I saw pictures of people in Bangladesh celebrating on the streets, I immediately made up my mind to go back home.”

Meanwhile, a source privy to classified government information said, “This is PM Modi’s masterplan to deal with illegal immigrants, many of whom have been staying in India with fake documents. It would have been impossible to keep a track of the numbers and smoke them out. So Mr Modi came up with a plan to tackle this menace. The idea was that Indian team would lose to Bangladesh in the first 2 one-day matches. With such a historic win, most illegal Bangladeshis would want to go back and celebrate and all we need to do is facilitate the process.”

If this is indeed true, the facilitation will be historic for India too and fans wouldn’t mind the team losing even the next match to Bangladesh.