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Indian Railways to provide snore-blockers with every overnight ticket

08, Jun 2014 By Pen10

In a series of announcements on improved services on the Indian Railways, the Railway Board Chairman announced today that snore-blockers will be provided free of cost to all passengers who travel on reserved tickets after 9 pm.

“Passenger comfort is supreme in our agenda. Many passengers would lie in their berths and start snoring. This caused disturbance for the other passengers and many of them had complained to us,” said the Railway Board Chairman, “As a unique initiative to increase passenger comfort we have decided to distribute snore-blockers to all reserved passengers travelling overnight.”

Ear plugs

On being asked how this, works the Chairman replied, “This is a set of state of the art soundproof ear-buds. Passengers can block all sounds by just inserting these in their ears when they want to sleep. These are built with the latest German technology and cuts off 90% of the ambient noise. We are calling these snore-blockers as snoring is a big contributor to ambient noise in the night. This can be obtained from the TTE on duty on the train on producing the overnight ticket.”

“We are very happy with this development,” said the President of the Railway Passengers’ Association, “I was once on a train and the entire coach sounded like a marsh of frogs in the rainy season. This step is definitely in the direction of passenger comfort.”

But not all were happy with the development. “They should have developed a flatulence filter to muffle the sound and neutralise the smell as those are deadlier,” a regular passenger on overnight routes told us.