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Indian team starts practicing after being left with no one else to blame for poor performance

25, Aug 2014 By Rajesh Turlapati

Left with no option but to sweat it out.
Left with no option but to sweat it out.

England. After blaming pitches, coaches, IPL, ICC, weather, wives, girlfriends, children, distant relatives, rabbits, etc., Indian cricket team has finally started focusing on improving their cricket as they remotely feel there could be some problems with their way of playing as well, besides above mentioned factors.

“It was only yesterday, when we realized that we were left with absolutely nothing else to lay blame for our future defeats on. So we finally decided to start practicing,” the team’s official spokesperson confirmed.

“Ravi bhai (the team’s new director cum elder brother Ravi Shastri) had even tried if he could some how link the team’s batting troubles with Iraq’s ISIS and bowling woes with Hamas. But, later he gave up as the team’s problems seem to be more complicated than the militant groups,” the spokesperson added.

When asked why the wives and girlfriends of players were asked to leave, he reasoned, “If the team is failing continuously, some one needs to take the responsibility and move out.”

Duncan Fletcher was not available for comment.