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After India's disastrous performance, Sachin advises Indian team to wear helmet inside hotel room too as safety from angry fans

09, Jan 2018 By @jurnoleast

A day after India’s spineless loss to South Africa, master blaster Sachin Tendulkar has asked the team to wear helmets inside hotel rooms to protect themselves from angry cricket fans.

Speaking to Faking News the team manager said, “Yes it’s true. Sachin spoke to the team via video conferencing and his first words were ‘Helmet Peheno’. When we questioned him the need for wearing them inside the hotel room, Sachin said with concern that fans were angry and there is a possibility of projectiles flying in the direction of the team.”

Though most players agreed to wear protection and were seen strolling in hotel lobby wearing helmets. Hardik Pandya was in no mood to wear one. “I have just got an expensive hair cut. There is no way I will ruin it by wearing a helmet,” he said in protest.

Virat Kohli too was reluctant as a helmet would spoil the fun of being on a video call with Anushka.

But apparently Sachin Tendulkar is not having any of these excuses and plans to fly down to South Africa to ensure that everyone wears helmet. “Mujhe challenge mat karo. Parliament nahi jata hu is liye yeh mat sochna ki mai South Africa nahi aaonga,” he said while speaking to our reporter.

BCCI has refused to comment on the entire issue but senior officials are trying their best to find a solution before the next test commences.