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Infosys plans “Ghar Waapsi” events to recruit employees who left the company

23, Dec 2014 By fakeness

Bangalore. It seems Infosys has taken inspiration from VHP as it has organised its own “Ghar Waapsi” event for recruiting employees who left the company earlier due to various reasons.

“Congrats, you have been successfully converted”

“We are very excited,” said the company CEO, “For so many years now we have been facing this problem where we train these freshers in new technologies, and the moment they complete their bond period they leave. Now, with this event we are going to bring back all those defectors.”

On being asked about the willingness of the employees to rejoin, he said, “Of course they want to come back, why won’t they? They are coming back to their home company, we trained them, we own them for life now.”

On being asked about the event, one of the re-hired employee claimed, “These people conned us into this whole thing. Earlier we were promised double salary and  superior compensations, but now as the photo-op has already taken place, the HR is making us sign a bond worth not even half of what was promised. We have no choice as we have already put in our resignations for our current jobs.”

Seeing the buzz around the event, other IT companies are feeling insecure and have pledged to fight this “corporate communalism”.

“We will not let this happen,” said one outraged HR employee of a rival company, “They are out there to smudge the secular fabric of IT industry. A huge dharna has been planned outside Infy office to stop the event.”