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Inspired by Bigg Boss, man starts speaking to his camera phone for hours everyday

24, Dec 2013 By Vaibhav Anand

Gurgaon. A software engineer working for an IT firm has become the first documented case to suffer from what psychologists are beginning to call the “Big Boss Syndrome”.

Much like participants on the much watched show on the TV channel Colors, the man (called Rahul Raj) had started speaking into his (phone) camera for hours on end, about how things around him were making him feel.

Bigg Boss
One of the alleged celebrities of Bigg Boss talking to the camera

“He called me a shithead and an asshole, while looking into his camera,” Rahul’s boss, Sanjay said, “But he told me later that he was sure that they would edit these parts later, before they aired it.”

“I really hope they do,” Sanjay added.

“He was a normal introvert software engineer until he started watching Bigg Boss,” one of Rahul’s colleagues said, “Now he just keeps saying random stuff about us or his boss into his phone’s camera. At times, he just breaks into a random song with his phone’s camera lens pointed at himself.”

“Maybe he feel trapped in his office, where he thinks that others are going to earn more than him by bitching about him,” a psychologist tried to diagnose Rahul’s behavior, “Or maybe he has just lost his mind after watching that shitty show.”

While psychologists are analyzing the causes, Faking News could witness this phenomenon live.

“There’s a guy in T shirt and pants here,” Rahul said into his camera, on spotting this Faking News reporter in the distance. “I wish I too could wear casuals to office.”