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Inspired by BJP, engineering student launches "Mission 35+" for semester exam

15, Jan 2015 By thepelicanclub

New Delhi. In a desperate attempt to avoid “Year-Back”, Sandeep – a bright (colored clothed) engineering third year student,  has decided to adopt BJP’s mantra and launched Mission 35+ for his Digital Electronics paper (3rd attempt).

Sources confirm that seeing relative success of BJP in recent elections, Sandeep took inspiration focusing on specific quantifiable goal of 35 marks and above. He hopes the proven formula will bring him success and avoid year back.

amit shah
“We are inspiring young india”

The reason behind his drive for this third and potentially final attempt at Digital Electronics is to avoid being in the same class as his girlfriend who is currently junior to him following greatest non-mechanical engineering college tradition – Always focus on junior batch girls just like the seniors did.

An year back will definitely be catastrophic to his personal life as is ex-classmates/would-be seniors will leave no stone unturned in “guiding” Sonal – his lady love.

Sandeep is keenly going through all media reports on BJP’s election strategy to imbibe the best practices.

Memories of his last attempt at Digital Electronics exam where he had all the answers neatly tucked in chits in exam hall but could not remember where the Index Chit was hidden, causing utter disaster, are still fresh in his mind.

Faking news sincerely wishes Sandeep good luck with his mission and hopes he would also study the subject while taking a break from studying the election strategy.