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Inspired by FIFA incident cricket fan throws money at IPL meet, happy committee members keep the money

21, Jul 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Chaos marked the BCCI meet in Mumbai to discuss the future of IPL teams when a cricket fan, inspired by FIFA incident, threw money at the committee members. But what happened next was completely unexpected, at least for the cricket fan.

Indian Paisa League in the real sense.
Indian Paisa League in the real sense.

Speaking to Faking News Ashwin Shah said, “I was inspired by the incident at the FIFA meet and thought something like that could be done here too. Thought I’d kill two birds with a single stone, express my protest over the corruption and also get some publicity. Just to keep it authentic I used real notes instead of fake ones. But I did not get any publicity, instead the shameless committee members kept all the money.”

According to BCCI sources there was chaos initially when the money was thrown as members tried to grab anything they could lay their hands on.

Our source also informed us that members were seen discussing on their BCCI WhatsApp group on how much each of them collected. It is not clear why media has refrained from reporting on the incident. The reason for this could be because some media persons who were part of the audience also jumped in to grab the money, before realizing that it was inappropriate.

“We were waiting to report something on the suspension of the beleagured IPL teams, but that did not happen. The BCCI staff did not even serve us any snacks. What do you expect, we just acted on our instinct,” said a media person attending the event.

Meanwhile, committee members are happy with the incident. “The season post IPL is lean and it is good that we too can look forward to some extra income this way. Maybe we can start a separate league for this event,” said a happy BCCI member.