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Inspired by Ice Bucket Challenge, PM Modi launches Garbage Bucket Challenge

03, Oct 2014 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi. Fresh from his US visit, PM Modi launched the Garbage Bucket Challenge here in the capital on Oct 2nd on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.

A firm believer in the power of social media and possibly inspired by Ice Bucket challenge, PM Modi conceived the idea of Garbage Bucket challenge.

Modi showing how it is done.
Modi showing how it is done.

The challenge involves citizens to collect the garbage around their house and dump it in a garbage bucket. They also need to nominate someone to accept the challenge, after they are done.

Leading from the front, PM Modi was seen with a broom and garbage bucket outside 10 Janpath cleaning the sidewalks. For the next round, he nominated Rahul Gandhi to accept the challenge. Rahul Gandhi is expected to say “Cleanliness is a state of mind” in response to the challenge.

The video showing the PM cleaning the streets has already gone viral and people across the country also have joined in with many twitter and Facebook users posting videos on social media.

Meanwhile Bollywood actor Kamaal R Khan has lodged a police complaint at the local police station against unknown persons for trying to forcibly dump him into a garbage bin when he was having a stroll outside his house.