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Inspired by Italian Marines, Manu Sharma submits list of holidays to go home

05, Jan 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. The case of Italian Marines, who were allowed to go home for Christmas holidays, has inspired Manu Sharma to plan for paroles and holidays again.

“I celebrated the new year in jail, when I could have gone to a discotheque or a nightclub,” Manu Sharma complained, “While look at the Italian Marines, who are also accused of murder like me, they were allowed to leave India!”

Italian marines
Italian Marines were allowed to go home by court, but Manu Sharma had been allowed to go home even without a court’s approval on one earlier occasion.

Sharma, sentenced to life imprisonment for killing Jessica Lal, claimed that his track record of coming back to the jail was better than those by Italian Marines, and hence he too should be allowed to go home for holidays.

“I shouldn’t be discriminated just because I’m an Indian,” the convicted murderer tried to strike an emotional and patriotic chord while talking to this Faking News reporter.

“Lohri is coming, let me go out and celebrate it with my friends and family,” he said.

“I am a son of a secular politician and I follow all the festivals celebrated in this country, so I should be allowed to go home for every festival,” he further demanded.

Sources say that Manu Sharma has submitted a complete list of government holidays to Tihar Jail authorities and sent a copy of the application to the Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit and another to lawyer Ram Jethmalani.

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