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Inspired by Shashi Tharoor’s Oxford Union speech, Kejriwal decides to sit on dharna in London

24, Jul 2015 By Bhavesh Shrivastav

London: After watching Shashi Tharoor’s Oxford Union speech, Arvind Kejriwal could not control himself and decided to go to London to sit on a peaceful dharna.

Kejriwal on a dharna in London.
Kejriwal on a dharna in London.

While on a British Airways flight to London, he snatched all the oxygen masks on the flight and demanded that British Airways be rechristened to ‘Air India-UK’.

According to Mr. Kejriwal, British Airways was established from the amount East India Company had earned from the exhibition of Kohinoor Diamond looted from India and people en-route London were preferring British Airways over Air India in effect looting India even today.

After landing at Heathrow, Arvind created havoc at immigration counter and sought to identify immigration officials who let Lalit Modi enter UK and asked them to reveal all the details of ‘Lalitgate’ so that Indian Parliament could be run.

Speaking to Faking News Kejriwal said, “My plans and demands are very clear, I want British Government to provide reparation to India in terms of the following; providing monetary aid to India so that pending salaries of Delhi’s sweepers can be paid, deputing Scotland Yard officials on DTC buses so that women of Delhi can feel safe as ‘Thullas’ are unable to maintain safety in DTC buses and at last we want them to take back Arnab Goswami to England if GOI expatriates him and for that I will sit on dharna.”

However British Government has refused to provide any place for Kejriwal’s dharna. Arvind has decided to go to Indian High Commission in London and not let anyone stand in the Visa Line so that no one can get Indian Visa and further threatened to resign again from Delhi CM post.

Meanwhile, in India there are mixed reactions from people on #kejriwalinlondon, AAP is saying refusal of permission to hold dharna  is a BJP conspiracy and they won’t let Arvind’s London dharna fail as his Jan Lokpal Dharna.