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Inspired by Tesla Roadster, ISRO teams up with Rohit Shetty to send an SUV in space 

09, Feb 2018 By @jurnoleast

Indian Space Research Organisation is all set to send an SUV in space similar to the one sent a few days back by Tesla. Sources say that the space organization is in talks with Bollywood director Rohit Shetty to send an SUV in space.

Speaking with Faking News a senior ISRO official said, “We are keeping a close watch on Tesla’s Roadster and for a organization that has been on the forefront of  space research, we think the time is just right for India to launch a vehicle in space. And we cant think of anyone else but Rohit Shetty when it comes to launching cars in space. He has proven expertise in that field which we can seen in movies like Golmaal.”

“PM Modi had last time mentioned that our space exploration costs were a fraction of the movie budget of Gravity. This time we will better ourselves with Rohit’s help,” he added.

The director himself was ecstatic with the news and expressed relied that finally someone had recognized his talent.

Rohit Shetty is expected to spend some time at ISRO where he would be giving presentations to top scientists on how to launch to an SUV in space. A knowledge sharing workshop is also on the cards where notes on the mission will be exchanged.

Though neither ISRO nor SUV have confirmed the make of the SUV that would be sent into space but sources speculate that it would be Mahindra Scorpio