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Intellectuals demand ban on word "Anti National", want it replaced with "Differently patriotic"

19, Feb 2016 By The Reviewer

New Delhi: A group of eminent certified intellectuals today held a rally to protest against rampant nationalism in the country. The protesters demanded that henceforth, the use of the word “Anti-National” should be banned and it should be replaced with “Differently patriotic”.

Ban “Anti-National”, the word, not the person.

The group included various public faces of national conscience such as Sardeep Rajdesai who reached protest site after scientifically calculating distance between his studio and protest site and making sure tyranny of distance quotient is below journalistic tolerance levels.

Ashish Dundy, famous left liberal sociologist was the organizer of the protest which also submitted a petition to the head of their state, Shrimati Tonia Gadhvi. Dundy held a press conference and pleaded media to not pander to right wing narrative of calling right to destroy India as anti nationalism.

“Just like we don’t call a handicapped person handicap and call them differently abled, we should refrain from calling people who hate India as anti nationals”, he said. He further suggested, “We suggest calling Umar Khalid and rest of our brothers who want India destroyed as differently patriotic.”

Khabar Dutt, another prominent voice of national conscience looked aghast at law taking its own course and commented “I had predicted such a scenario on Page No. 420 of my book, keep Quiet India.”