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Intense pressure on neighborhood guy to download and watch Oscar winning movies of 2018 to look cool 

05, Mar 2018 By @jurnoleast

Ankit Verma, an engineering student from Delhi, was just like any happy go lucky guy his age. Even though Ankit was not academically inclined, having flunked subjects consistently, few things bothered him much. But his life changed completely after Oscars 2018 awards ceremony.

Ankit’s tryst with Hollywood movies was limited to superhero movies and few in between that got good ratings. But now he was under intense pressure to download and watch movies he’d never heard of before so that he doesn’t end up looking like an idiot in his social circle.

Speaking with Faking News Ankit said, “You have no idea how much stressed out I am right now. Being an engineer I have to take extra effort when it comes to striking a conversation with women. Uspe se mai Delhi se hu. Jisko Oscar ka spelling bhi nahi pata woh movies ka expert ban jata hai. Agar kisi ne pooch liya toh.”

The 23 year old has been spending most of his time glued to his computer screen watching Oscar winning movies non-stop, with a few queued up for downloading. “My WhatsApp group is already filled with discussion on the Oscars. As the Admin of some of the groups, it is my duty to add to the discussion, even though I have no clue about the movies,” he stated.

Not just binge watching, Ankit has been taking notes meticulously and even mugged up the names of the lead actors thanks to 3 years spent in engineering college. “Lectures me bhi itne notes nahi liye. Exams ke liye bhi itni padhai nai ki jitni ab karni pad rahi hai,” he said trying his best to mug the synopsis of Shape of Water.