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Investigations reveal that Rats are real custodians of Coal Ministry files

31, Aug 2013 By jaffa

New Delhi. Soon after the Prime Minister, who is generally known to be silent, shouted that he was not the custodian of coal ministry files, the sarkari rats (a qualified species to run the Rat Kingdom) quickly gathered to have a round table conference below the Parliament house.

A rat with the coal ministry file

The rats appeared tense as they feared the focus shifting to the missing coal files.

Doggy Rat, a senior minister in the Rat Kingdom, holding the coal file-42 said, “Let’s eat the files for supper to avoid any issues arising out of investigation.”

Maun Rat, the eldest minister, broke his silence and said, “It would not be a wise move. We need these files to negotiate with the humans for the loss of food grains in the FCI godowns.”

Meanwhile the Baby Rat was seen munching certain papers in the corner. The Queen Rat squeaked angrily at him. “Mom, these are only TOIlet papers, not the coal files,” the baby blurted out.

The discussion between the senior rats remained inconclusive and they authorized the Queen Rat to take a decision.

“None of you make any sense. The issue will be buried soon by poodles. As the investigations will be conducted by parrots, there will be no trouble. We will use these coal files to hold humans to ransom during emergency. This will assure our fellow poor rats worrying about the loss of food due to Food Security Bill and will vote us back to power,” the Queen pronounced her judgment.