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ISRO placed a software engineer with DSLR inside Mangalyaan to take Mars pics: Reports

28, Sep 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

ISRO Campus/ Mars Orbit: Reports filtering in about the Mangalyaan mission have just confirmed that instead of using a generic telescopic camera to click pictures of Mars’ surface, ISRO scientists had placed an engineer with a DSLR camera inside the Mars orbiter.

Mars Surface
This famous pic of Mars was clicked by Tadpit.

Apparently ISRO was forced to confirm the news after Tadapit Kumar – the engineer in question – tweeted from space,“@MarsOrbiter rocks. Got some cool pics with my DSLR. In your face @Chaddha! F*** your appraisal!

“We first found Tadapit taking pictures of his sandals with a DSLR camera inside ISRO campus,” a senior ISRO scientist and spokersperson said, confirming the news.

“When we saw him crawl into a gutter to take a picture of a cockroach with his camera, we knew he would go to any lengths to take any picture. We shortlisted him there and then, on the spot, for the Mangalyaan mission. It was only later that we found out that he was also a software engineer.”

“How else do you think we executed the entire thing so inexpensively?” he added, “The only half decent telescopic cameras available in the world are made in China and this Tadapit thing goes entirely with our new ‘Make in India’ motive. There will never be a dearth of software engineers with DSLR cameras that we make in India.”