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IT engineer starts coaching classes on how to sleep with eyes open

21, Oct 2014 By johnrj

Bangalore. Thanks to intense training of stressful but working work, IT engineer Babu Gopinath learnt how to sleep with his eyes open while working in his office. He has now started coaching classes to help others learn this trick.

Old fashioned way to sleep at the desk

“I am planning to make this a certification course,” said the engineer who was excited that finally something he did got recognized by his managers, his clients, this world.

“I usually work for 14 hours a day and I hardly get time to sleep, so I have lernt this ability to sleep with my eyes open. I see covert sleeping to be a global boon,” he explained.

Babu recalled how he was often caught napping and yelled at by his managers, which gave him the necessary motivation to somehow master this feat.

“I thank my managers for their endless gyans which I had to survive without sleeping and the ridiculously bland work they provide me which has made me what I am now,” said Babu, who left his job yesterday and announced his coaching institute.

The coaching syllabus include rigorous coding to create a mock Facebook website, debugging of 195 compiler errors, and testing a 32 web page application in multiple browsers.

“This way they start associating work with sleep,” Babu explained “After this, I train them on how to control their body software and hack the code that connect brains with eyes. This way, eyes are open even though the mind is shut.”

Babu has already prepared a special crash course video tape to be sent to Rahul Gandhi. Apart from IT employees and MPs, engineering students and government employees too are his targets.