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Italy panics as Marines shown Himmatwala

11, Apr 2013 By Achu Pichu

Rome, Italy. A pall of gloom descended over Italy as unconfirmed rumors that the arrested Marines may have been taken for a special screening of Himmatwala spread like a wildfire.

The Mad Italian
This restaurant could be converted into a temporary home for the Marines when they return

Apparently the marines partly inflicted it on themselves when they expressed their desire to watch a Bollywood movie, and the government of India was quick to oblige lest another diplomatic standoff was created. But it remains a mystery on who chose Himmatwala.

A Very concerned Italian Prime Minister called up Dr. Manmohan Singh and expressed his concern. Apparently he wanted to add Bollywood movies in the list of exemptions Italy seeks along with death penalty.

“It’s a rarest of the rare case,” asserted Dr. Singh about the movie, “We don’t make such movies very often and in spite of the seriousness of the crime the marines are charged with, we have deep sympathies for the them if they indeed were shown that movie.”

However, the External Affairs minister Salman Kurshid told a TV channel that no special assurances would be given to Italy: “We have already promised that we won’t torture the prisoners and that should cover this. We don’t need to give any special assurance.”

Meanwhile the public opinion in Italy seems to be swelling in favor of bringing back the Marines before their sanity is seriously impacted by the effects of the movie.

“They need a lot of comfort,” Marcello Burgio of Sicily told Faking news. “I have seen the trailer on YouTube and it can be really damaging if shown the full movie.”