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Jai Ho not doing well because fans thought it was some intelligent film after Aamir's endorsement

27, Jan 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Ever since the collections of Salman Khan’s latest starrer Jai Ho have come out to be below expectations, various theories have been floated as the reasons for what is being termed as debacle in Bollywood trade circles.

People misunderstood the movie.
People misunderstood the movie

One trade analyst even went on to claim that the film had a dull opening because Muslims boycotted it as they didn’t like Salman Khan praising Narendra Modi. While not all trade experts or film critics agreed, many others hailed it as an example of astute socio-politico-economic thinking.

Banking on this wave, a new set of trade analysts have emerged who claim that film was boycotted by Salman Khan fans as a result of aggressive promotion by Aamir Khan over the last few weeks.

They argue that Aamir’s endorsement stopped even the hardcore Salman fans from watching the film as any film associated with Aamir in any capacity is perceived to be “intelligent” or one that involves little bit of thinking.

The trade analysts claim that Aamir’s endorsement caused many Salman to wait for Bhai’s next release and they gave Jai Ho a miss, which caused the low collections.

However people close to Aamir have rubbished the claims and are pointing to the fact that the actor no longer has that perfectionist image.

“Haven’t you seen Dhoom 3 or haven’t you seen the latest pic he posted where he and Salman were seen peeing together? And you still think fans would think of him as intelligent?” argued an aide of Aamir.