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After Jay Shah's appointment as BCCI secretary, woman who took a catch in the stands in Santoor soap TV commercial applies for position of Team India's fielding coach

14, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

A 30 year old woman, who took a catch in the stands in Santoor soap TV commercial, has sent in her application for the post of team India’s fielding coach.


Sources say that Jay Shah’s selection as BCCI secretary has prompted the woman to look for opportunities to give fielding tips to the national team.

The woman who looks too young for her age thanks to Santoor soap has a daughter and was at the stadium watching a match. It was a Rohit Sharma six that went into the stands that she managed to catch. The spectacular catch also got the attention of actor Varun Dhawan who can be seen in the ad.

Speaking to Faking News, the woman (identity concealed) said, “Though I have never played cricket in my life, I am big fan of the game. And now after taking that catch I want to take my love for the game to the next level by coaching the Indian team.”

The woman has already created her Youtube channel where she can be seem giving fielding tips.

A BCCI spokesperson however said that no application for fielding coach was received. “The position for fielding coach for both men’s as well as women’s team has already been filled. Please do not fall for the false information circulating on social media,” clarified the spokesperson.