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Jayalalithaa supporters threaten to kidnap President Mukherjee if Supreme court doesn’t grant her bail

09, Oct 2014 By viveks

Chennai. The moment when it became clear that Jayalalithaa would appeal in Supreme Court for her bail, supporters of Amma started issuing threats to kidnap President of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, if favorable verdict was not given by the apex court.

Anything for Amma!
Anything for Amma!

Mr. Natrajan, head of Amma worshiping committee, while speaking to Faking News, said that they want to be proactive this time and want to ensure that their beloved Amma is released from jail.

When asked why President, Mr. Natraj said that since President is above Supreme Court, he must be in a position to influence court judgments.

While many commentators have criticized this threat by Amma followers, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi said that there was nothing wrong in it.

“After all, Amma followers’ action is a clear indication of women empowerment in country,” he said.

Meanwhile in Chennai, Mr. Jaymurgan, another Amma fanatic said that they will be launching Tamil Nadu wise civil disobedience movement.

“In the first phase, everybody will double their diets so that they can look like Amma. In the second phase everyone will buy hundreds of shoes, a program for which they are seeking help from Myntra, Flipkart and Snapdeal to ensure that supply is there,” he disclosed.

While Ms Jayalalithaa is in jail, few of her followers are even planning a campaign to establish Ammiat, something similar to Caliphate, where Amma would be the supreme leader.