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Justin Trudeau discovers 2 more heritage sites in India which even the Indians were not aware of till now

22, Feb 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is this week visiting India, but the young politician — known for rock-star treatment on the international stage — is not getting much of a reception in the South Asian giant. Media in the country has had its attention occupied by the scandal over the Punjab National Bank fraud case. Even the central government seems like not having too much time in hosting Trudeau. But that has not dented the spirit of Justin, as he is embarking on a journey to visit all popular heritage sites in India and in the process has found 2 more sites which were undiscovered till now.


Trudeau has visited Sabarmati Ashram, Taj Mahal, national Parks, Temples and many other places of importance. But yesterday, while walking with his delegates he visited some places which were not even known to the Indians. He found the cricket ground in Gujarat where the ‘Lagaan’ match was played in 1888, people have been trying to find out this ground since the movie became a hit. But thanks to Trudeau, we have a tourist place added to our list now. While in UP a location which was full of aesthetically looking red pillars. Historians say that these pillars were painted red by Gutkha spitting men in and around the 1950s and the government had tried to find out this location since long. Trudeau not only found the heritage sites, but also explained the press about the importance of those sites and thus promoting tourism in the country. He has also promised to promote those sites back home in Canada.

As soon as the news reached the central government authorities, they have decided to not meet Trudeau for few more days so that the Canadian Prime minister is able to find out more such places.