JW Marriott announces Monsoon dhamaka offer, free iPhone on purchase of 5 dozen bananas

26, Jul 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Can you recall the number of times you have thought, “Why am I even paying so much for this?” or ” Whaaat? That’s too much!” If so it’s time for you to share those moments on Twitter with ‘My Rahul Bose Moment’ and #RahulBoseMoment.


Rahul Bose became an overnight sensation with his banana story from JW Marriott. Now the hotel branch of Mumbai wants to repair the brand damage by introducing an exciting offer. The monsoon dhamaka offer as the hotel calls it will give iPhone free on purchase of 5 dozen bananas.

Just like the queue seen outside Starbucks when it introduced the 100 Rs coffee, a long queue was seen outside JW Marriott hotel where people lined up to have an overnight stay in the hotel during which they would order 5 dozen bananas. People have planned 2nd and 3rd honeymoons after hearing about this offer.

JW Marriott is seeing a record number of bookings and there is a chance they might run out of rooms and may well have to tie up with smaller hotels to accommodate other guests who did not get rooms. Other 5-star hotels have to come up with a counteroffer or else JW Marriott will easily acquire a large chunk of the market share.