After Kabir Singh, Arjun Kapoor loses another movie to a better actor, will be replaced by SP leader Firoz Khan in next bollywood project 

03, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

2019 is a year that has not been too kind to Arjun Kapoor. Losing Kabir SIngh to Shahid Kapoor, Arjun might also lose his next project to Samajwadi Party leader Firoz Khan.

arjun kapoor final

Sourcs say that the producers of Arjun’s next were mighty impressed with Firoz Khan’s video currently doing the rounds of social media.

The video shows the leader crying in front of Gandhiji’s statue, which seems to have impressed Bollywood producers to a great extent.

“I have worked with method actors on many projects. But this SP leader is next level. In that single video he portrays a range of emotions. From despair and agony to resentment and pity. I can tell you, he is a star in the making. I don’t know as to why is he wasting his time in politics when he could be a superstar,” said a well known bollywood director.

Meanwhile, Arjun Kapoor was inconsolable and even threatened to quit Bollywood if he kept losing projects this way. Arjun managed to find some help from actor-director Karan Johar who assured him that as long he is a star kid, Arjun had nothing to worry about.