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Kannada and Tamil techies approach SC to divide water from office water cooler fairly

18, Feb 2018 By RT

Bengaluru. Kannada and Tamil techies have approached the Supreme Court of India to divide water from their office water cooler fairly. The petition was filed to the top court, after an incident happened in an MNC, where a Tamil techie refused access to the office water cooler to his colleague, citing the reason that the cooler belonged to his division, it is learnt by Faking News.


Mr.Nagaraj, nicknamed Vatal, working in the event management division of the MNC was hospitalised today after he was denied water by one of his colleagues in office, Mr. E. PeriaSwamy, shortly known as EPS. Vatal, as is the common practice in his company, always has lunch along with other people in the office pantry. On the fateful day, he could spot only EPS there with whom he didn’t have a good rapport.

Vatal had about half of his daily lunch portion and it started. The hiccups were intense from the beginning and frequent. Vatal asked EPS for some water. EPS, completly avoiding him, had a healthy portion of water himself and filled a couple of more bottles for future use. What happened next was almost lethal for Vatal. When he started to crawl towards the office water cooler, EPS firmly blocked his way and said ‘NO can do’.

When he quizzically looked at him, EPS  said that the cooler belonged to him since the pantry is in his division. Vatal immediately texted HR, and the centre head, who is mostly onsite. Both of them replied saying that they will not involve in the office politics. Vatal fainted in the pantry even as EPS left the place, locking the water cooler room, it is learnt by Faking News.

Post the incident, Kannada techies have decided to approach SC to divide water from office water cooler fairly. The Supreme Court is to look into the matter, immediately after resolving the cases involving the hurt sentiments of religious groups, due to the wink scene by Priya Prakash, the newly anointed national crush, it is learnt by Faking News.