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Kanpur man fails in job interview as interviewer spoke without gutkha in mouth and it was difficult to understand the language

29, Nov 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Kanpur: The job scenario in India is pretty weak nowadays with no substantial growth in the number of jobs created. Yes there is the IT sector which always helps by taking a lot of freshers everyyear. But even that has reached a saturation level. There are several reasons for this failure. First there is lack of innovation in the manufacturing sector which prenevts the establishment of newer companies. The other one is definitely the lack of skills in the job seeking youth of this country. But Kanpur recently saw a bizzare reason for someone getting rejected in an interview. Kanpur student, Mr. Shwetank Srivastava failed an interview recently as he was not able to understand what the interviewer spoke in the interview. pan-masala-gutkha

Shwetank, having been born and brought up in Kanpur had the habit of listening to people with Gutkha in their mouths. It was so comfortable for him to understand the lip movements and the other nuances of a gutkha consumer that words were not requirted to establish a connection between bot communicating parties.

So when Shwetank sat for the interview few days back, he was pretty sure that the interviewer would have some Gutkha in his mouth, but to his surprise, that was not the case. During the interview Shwetank even offered a Gutkha pouch to the interviewer but had to face his wrath as the interviewer was a decent man who was against Gutkha consumption. Yogi govet has asked the center to make gutkha compulsory for interviewers who interview people from Kanpur.