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Kanpur's paan community comes up with "Gutkoin" a new crypto currency for tobacco exchange

26, Dec 2017 By Beer & Biryani

The first ever tobacco trading currency “Gutkoin” will be available for trading with INR purchases from the month of February next year.

Speaking to Faking News about the inception of this idea, the head of Gutkoin Mr. Ratan said, “It is very difficult for the average tobacco consumer to accept candies instead of change. If an year’s estimate is reached at, the average tobacco consumer accepts 250 candies instead of change that could have bought him more tobacco.”

“Then we thought why can’t one purchase Gutka online instead of begging shop keepers for change? At the same time, if purchases with quick transactions become available we can expect more business. For example, Gutkoin can handle 1000 transactions per second i.e., hundreds of consumers exchanging tobacco in a second instead of the consumer having to walk down the street to the paan shop. Unbelieveable.”

The tobacco fraternity seemed to be very pleased with the idea and are already coming up with new coins for Sagar, Meenajee, Talab, RMD, Kamla Pasand and Pan Parag to be traded on the Rajnigandha Stock Exchange (RSE).