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Karnataka election results prove that I need a bicycle: Chintu

09, May 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Bangalore. After observing that everyone was interpreting the Karnataka assembly election results to suit their own agenda and beliefs, 5-year-old Chintu has decided to do the same.

“I need a bicycle; stylish and brand new. The election results prove it,” Chintu declared with a confidence matched only by political analysts of television and Twitter.

With an eye on the bicycle, Chintu started following the elections.

When asked to elaborate, Chintu came up with a sentence that had words like “mandate”, “corruption”, “Mummy”, “Yeddy”, and “Modi”.

The sentence apparently meant that he needed a bicycle.

The smart kid also drew a picture of a bicycle on the political map of Karnataka as a further proof of positive correlation between his desire to have a bicycle and the election results.

“Just share it on Facebook or Twitter and see the kind of response it gets! What more proof do you need before accepting that I need a bicycle?” Chintu threw a challenge to this Faking News reporter.

Chintu’s father was not available for comments, though he was found commenting on various news websites on why Karnataka results prove that Deve Gowda would be the Prime Minister of India again.