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Katju demands Kasab be brought back to life

11, Apr 2013 By Achu Pichu

New Delhi. Responding to what Justice Katju himself perceived as a groundswell of goodwill from the people of India, the PCI chairman today demanded that the Indian government does whatever possible to bring Kasab back to life.

Justice Katju
Justice makes a passionate appeal

Addressing a group of pressmen, Mr Katju said, “Kasab was otherwise an affable young man and has already paid for his error of judgment with his life and it’s time that he is now given a second chance.”

When probed further on how this can be feasible, he refused to dwell into details, but said, “This is a country where Narakasura and Mahishasura have been brought back to life and given a chance to live again. So we have the precedence. It’s for the government to sort out how the modalities be handled.”

As of this report being published, sources confirmed that the request has been received by the President of India and he is in consultation with scientists and religious gurus.