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Katrina praised for her role in Thugs of Hindostan, her lack of acting only consistent thing in the movie say critics 

09, Nov 2018 By @jurnoleast

The movie may have  garnered lot of flak fro movie goers. But if there was any consensus, then it had to be about Katrina Kaif’s acting. The actress praised for her role in the movie and the critics lauded Katrina for her consistent lack of acting. The movie is a drag and riddled with inconsistencies to the extent that Katrina’s expressionless face and struggle with Hindi comes as a welcome relief,” remarked one critic.


“If you look at her filmography, her acting or lack of it has been consistent all throughout. We have to give it to her. All that hard work has finally paid off,” he added.

Faking News tried reaching to Katrina’s acting coach to get his views, but it was later known that the person doesn’t exist.

Going by audience reaction, apart from the visual effects the actress seems to be the only highlight of the movie.

“The VFX of the movie is indeed very good. Especially that part where Katrina is shown speaking Hindi,” remarked a weekend movie goer as he exited a multiplex. “5 out of 5 for the effects in the movie,” he said.

Apparently, Producers of the movie spent half of the budget on Katrina’s Hindi and they expect to recover twice as much of it in the first week itself.