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KBC to have a special episode where contestants will narrate their sad backstory for entire length of the show

13, Nov 2018 By @jurnoleast

With sections of audience not pleased with sad backstory of contestant eating into the show time, makers of KBC have now decided to have a special show for the very same purpose.


Sources reveal that viewers as well as audience of the show complained to the show makers saying that they watch the game show to be entertained not to listen to how miserable someone’s life is.

Humare life me kam problems hai kya. Kisi ke ghar me paani nahi. Koi apne patni se pareshan hai. No one wants to listen to their sob story,” said a participant.

Host Amitabh too was in favor of the new format. “If I start about my life’s problems then I think we’ll need an entire season just to narrate about Abhishek’s joblessness,” he said.

The special episode will have contestant on the hot seat speak about the hardship they had to go through to reach the show. These participants will be specially selected depending how sad their story is.

“Not every story will qualify. We have a special team that will go through the story. It has to evoke extreme emotions of sadness to make it to the show. Mr. Bachchan will also be part of the team,” said a source from the channel.