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KCR flies to California to bury Facebook 10 km deep inside the ground to stop “rumors”

13, Sep 2014 By Rajesh Turlapati

Hyderabad. Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhara Rao is flying to US today to bury Facebook 10 Kilometers deep inside the ground.

KCR, who has already imposed a ban on 2 regional news channels since 90 days, has now found that the social media is still spreading news against him.

Kapil Sibal is expected to join KCR in his fight against Social Media.
Kapil Sibal is expected to join KCR in his fight against Social Media.

While talking to Faking News he claimed that the Facebook was an anti-Telangana website that needed to be demolished immediately.

“I had initially ordered my supporters to bury internet cables 10 km deep inside ground, but later I changed my mind after I was told that the internet cables are already buried 20 km below sea level,” explained KCR.

Although mainstream journalists have traditionally supported any government attempt to gag social media, several journalists across the country have raised their voice against KCR and TRS government in Telangana, for KCR had earlier gagged mainstream media too.

“Earlier we have seen many cases where our viewers attempted to bury themselves after watching News Hour episodes by Arnab. But, this is the first time we came across someone threatening to bury us down. This is undemocratic,” a journalist from Times Now said.

“We are planning a 30 minute exclusive episode on ‘Breaking neck and burying down’ this evening. Our management had also planned to send our Chief Reporter Vasu to Telangana, but he rejected the offer and said that he rather would go to Gaza again,” said an NDTV reporter.

On seeing huge support from other TV channels in covering the issue, ABN Editor Radha Krishna was seen surprisingly worried.

“It is devastating to see all other channels earning high TRPs from our ‘exclusive’ news, while our channel is blocked and banned,” he rued.