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Kejriwal apologizes for accidentally landing up at Anna Hazare's hunger strike venue

28, Mar 2018 By @jurnoleast

Continuing with his string of apologies, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal today apologized to Anna Hazare and his followers after unintentionally landing up at the hunger strike venue. Sources say that Mr. Kejriwal was casually strolling across the city when he reached Ramlila Maidan and went up on stage where Anna was fasting.

“There was no intention to share the stage with Anna. I mean what’s the need when he has already joined politics. Woh toh aise hi ghoomte ghoomte chale gaye,” said an AAP spokesperson. 

After realizing his mistake, the Delhi CM walked up on stage and apologized to the crowd. But since there weren’t many people at the venue, he assured that he will also give a handwritten apology to Anna.

While speaking to Faking News, Mr. Kejriwal confirmed the news and said, “Yes its true. But I had no intention of participating in any hunger strike. Besides my political career is made so now I refrain from such theatrics. I was there for an hour. casually inquired about Anna’s health and left.”

Anna Hazare too acknowledged Delhi CM’s presence and said that initially he thought it was a ‘bura sapna‘ when he saw Kejriwal on stage. Supporters of Anna were quick to usher Kejriwal out of the venue and said that this time the stage wont be hijacked by anyone.