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Kejriwal approached me for marriage with Priyanka Gandhi: Digvijay Singh

17, Oct 2012 By Ujjal Choudhury

New Delhi. Responding in kind to Kejriwal’s strategy of dropping one bomb at a time instead of dropping all of them together, Digvijay Singh today told reporters that well before requesting him for a position in the NAC, Arvind Kejriwal had approached him to negotiate his marriage with Priyanka Gandhi.

“As you very well realize his intention was to capitalize on being the daamaad (son-in-law) of the First Family of India. And now he is trying to exact revenge on the person to whom he lost out”, Digvijay said.

Digvijaya Singh
Digvijay Singh making a strong point

When asked why he was considered unfit for Priyanka, Digvijay said that his biggest disqualification was being an IIT graduate and the fact that this was well known.

“In the Gandhi family, your academic qualifications are closely guarded and as the CIC has already ruled, a person’s educational qualifications do not come under the purview of RTI Act,” Digvijay explained.

“In any case when there is no qualification to disclose, RTI queries don’t need to be responded to,” he triumphantly added.

He then said that the other thing of course was that Kejriwal could not dance, and actually the inspiration for the song Pappu can’t dance saala actually came from him not being able to perform the simplest of dance steps as testified by his batchmates and hallmates at IIT.

“And as you well know Vadraji won Priyankaji over with his dancing skills,” were Digvijay’s concluding remarks.